Leather and Vinyl Upholstery Repair and Re-Dye

Your business’s leather furniture is an important showpiece of your interior design. When it becomes damaged, or if the color fades over time, our company will restore it to like-new condition. The same goes for your vinyl seating and other pieces. With our leather and vinyl upholstery repair and re-dye services, aging furniture can again look like a fresh purchase. 

Our team works with industry-leading products that have a proven track record of success. Stained, scuffed pieces can be restored for many years of additional use. No one wants to have to factor in new furniture into their company’s budget, especially when the frames of the pieces are still in good shape. Sometimes, some simple repairs and re-dying can breathe fresh life into business furniture. 

We want you to get maximal use out of your business’s existing furniture. Our upholstery services are designed to protect your seating and other upholstered items so that your business’s interior always looks impressive. When it’s time to refresh your upholstered furniture, contact us. We’ll look over your request and put together a free estimate. Our company looks forward to getting to work for you. 

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