Custom Leather Reupholstery

The classic look of leather makes it a favorite covering for indoor furniture. If your business has leather furniture that needs to be restored, we are here to help. Our leather reupholstery services protect the appearance, comfort, and overall quality of your seating and other pieces. We work with both natural and faux leathers, so if your upholstered pieces are beginning to look a bit worn, we are the solution you’re looking for. 

Leather sofas, chairs, and other pieces lend a particular elegance to lobbies, sitting areas, dining rooms, and other indoor spaces. To boost the visual appeal of your business, let us take care of your leather upholstery. We provide the high level of care and attention that fine furniture needs to look its best. When you call us, you get a team that works with high-quality:

  • Full-Grain Leather
  • Aniline Dyed Leather
  • Embossed-Grain Leather
  • Bonded Leather
  • PU Leather
  • PVC Leather 

When correctly applied to furniture, leather provides remarkable durability. Natural leather in particular is prized for its long-lasting character. And while many customers do prefer the look of natural leather to faux leather, it does cost more and tends to require more maintenance. To learn more about the pros and cons of natural and faux leather, talk to a member of our team. If leather reupholstery is what you’re interested in, we’ll make sure you get the best product for your budget.

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