dental chair Reupholstery Service Minneapolis MN
Leather and Vinyl Upholstery Repair and Re-Dye
Your business’s leather furniture is an important showpiece of your interior design. When it becomes damaged, or if the color fades over time, our company will restore it to like-new condition. The same goes for your vinyl seating and other pieces. With our leather and vinyl upholstery repair and re-dye services, aging furniture can again… Continue reading Leather and Vinyl Upholstery Repair and Re-Dye
restaurant upholstery Minneapolis
Mobile Upholstery Services Onsite
If you have damaged furniture that needs reupholstering, our mobile services may be the right choice for you. We come to your location and update your furniture onsite. Maybe you have a lobby sofa with a torn seam, or some barstools that have seen better days—whatever the problem is, our pros will take care of… Continue reading Mobile Upholstery Services Onsite
Boat Reupholstery Minneapolis
Marine & Boat Upholstery Services
Maintaining the elegant appearance of your boat or yacht is an important aspect of our upholstery services. To protect the look and comfort of your watercraft, you need professionally upholstered seating, consoles, and other features. Reach out to us for first-rate marine upholstery services that will improve the way you experience your time on the… Continue reading Marine & Boat Upholstery Services
restaurant upholstery Minneapolis
Fully Custom Upholstery Services
Do you have a custom upholstery request? Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll gladly get started. With our fine fabrics and textiles, skilled experts, and track record of customer satisfaction, we’re the right choice for quality business furnishings. We’ll make your seating or one-of-a-kind pieces look amazing so you can impress… Continue reading Fully Custom Upholstery Services
Car Reupholstery Minneapolis
Greater Minneapolis Car and Auto Upholstery
If your car, truck, SUV, or van’s interior has damaged upholstery or you’re ready to give it a custom look, we have options for you. Our auto reupholstery service will give your vehicle’s interior a like-new appearance as if it just came straight from the manufacturer. Whether you are fixing up worn out seats in… Continue reading Greater Minneapolis Car and Auto Upholstery
Vinyl Upholstery Minneapolis
Vinyl Reupholstery by SouthPaw
Vinyl is a popular alternative to leather upholstery. Its’s a more affordable option that has a lot of design versatility. Many businesses choose vinyl upholstery for seating and other furniture. If it’s time to reupholster your vinyl furnishings, we want to hear from you. Our vinyl reupholstery service allows you to keep your current furniture… Continue reading Vinyl Reupholstery by SouthPaw
Auto upholstery Minneapolis
Custom Leather Reupholstery
The classic look of leather makes it a favorite covering for indoor furniture. If your business has leather furniture that needs to be restored, we are here to help. Our leather reupholstery services protect the appearance, comfort, and overall quality of your seating and other pieces. We work with both natural and faux leathers, so… Continue reading Custom Leather Reupholstery
commercial upholstery Minneapolis
Medical, Dental, and Restaurant Upholstery
Every business needs comfortable, attractive furnishings. If yours is looking a little worse for wear, don’t worry—our upholstery pros are here for you. We’ll get your seating right back in top shape in a timely manner. By the time we are done, you’ll have comfortable, stylish furniture that your customers will love. At our shop,… Continue reading Medical, Dental, and Restaurant Upholstery
booth reupholstery Minneapolis
Reupholstery Services by SouthPaw
Reupholstering allows you to extend the usable lifespan of your existing furniture and rejuvenate your space with a fresh appearance. Rather than order new furniture, you can depend on us for a sustainable solution that preserves your seating. It’s inevitable that over time, your commercial furniture will succumb to wear and tear. With us, though,… Continue reading Reupholstery Services by SouthPaw
Furniture Reupholstery Minneapolis MN
Your Local Upholstery Experts
We’re a local company that supports businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and the surrounding communities. Helping our area businesses thrive is a rewarding job that we never take for granted. Anytime you need to reupholster your business’s furniture, we’re the ones for the job. We’ll work on your furniture at our upholstery shop, or… Continue reading Your Local Upholstery Experts
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Upholstery Shop Services
Maintaining an attractive, comfortable interior is essential to the success of your business. When it’s time to update your furniture, reach out to us. Our friendly team provides a full range of upholstery services in Minneapolis. We work with high-quality materials to deliver excellent results for our customers. From restaurants to offices and health care clinics… Continue reading Upholstery Shop Services